Long Endurance Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Oil & Gas, Smart Grid and Emergency Response

American Aerospace provides long endurance unmanned aircraft systems and flight services to the oil & gas industry, including pipeline integrity, facilities management, offshore and arctic applications.

Fly, See, Know

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Complete UAS Integration

Long endurance fixed wing systems for energy industry and emergency management applications

American Aerospace has over 5 years of experience in beyond visual line of site UAS in civilian applications. We integrate systems capable of flying over the horizon with up to 16 hours of endurance. We build payloads, sensors and communications solutions capable of acquiring, producing and delivering valuable data products in a range of applications including: pipeline integrity management, smart grid, deepwater, arctic, exploration, facilities inspection and mapping and emergency management.

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Gold Standard Operations

Over 1,000 square miles of FAA-approved airspace within the United States, an industry record

Since 2009, our clients have accumulated the largest portfolio of FAA Certificates of Authorization (COAs) outside of the defense industry, enabling more flights in more places than any BLOS UAS. We have flown over 100 flights in the National Airspace System – safely, effectively and in full compliance with FAA regulations. Long endurance UAS provide 50 times the coverage rate of multirotor drones and much higher resolution with lower cost than satellites.

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Data Products and Distribution

From aircraft to end user, our data flows seamlessly to produce better business decisions

At American Aerospace we begin with the end products in mind. We have developed a large portfolio of sensors that address real-world oil & gas, electric transmission and emergency management requirements. From the world’s first survey-grade mapping system to threat detection on pipeline corridors, to high bandwidth communications relay and mobile networking and methane detection, our long-endurance UAS cover 50x more area per day than small UAS, distributing data from remote locations in near real-time.

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First and best

We've completed over 100 long-endurance UAS missions for
Fortune 500 companies, universities and government agencies


Pipeline Research Council

Right of Way Autonomous Monitoring

Shell Oil Company

Pipeline Integrity Management

Forest service

US Department of Agriculture

Wildland Fire Comm Relay, Mapping & Inventory

National Park Service

Fire Mapping Payloads

National park service

SAIC / Leidos

Mobile Operations Centers


UAS Flight Services

Texas am christi

Texas A&M

RS-16 UAS, Payloads, Mobile Operations Centers

Virginia Tech

Mobile Operations Centers

Virginia tech


Flight Services, Emergency Management

Colonial Pipeline

Pipeline patrol & mapping


"American Aerospace provides the long endurance solutions we can't get from quadcopters or electrics, acquiring up to 50 times more data per day."

"We love what they've done so far and can't wait to see where they go."