Instimaps: Collect, Process, Identify, Evaluate, Disseminate, Act

InstiMaps is a complete near real-time imaging system or service. Use our family of InstiMaps Payloads to collect, process and transmit data to the InstiMaps Cloud in near real-time or operate in post-process mode. Once your data is on the InstiMaps Cloud you will have full access to identify and evaluate points of interest on PC and mobile devices. Disseminate alerts directly to your team through our intuitive InstiMaps web mapping application so they can act immediately. Order additional data products such as mosaics and 3D point clouds and action them directly from our InstiMaps Web Mapping App. Use the InstiMaps player to conduct detailed comparisons of any two flights in a simultaneous geolocated sequence to validate change and document conditions.


InstiMaps Payloads are compatible with manned and unmanned aircraft. Fly on your aircraft or ours - see aircraft section for compatible air vehicles. We provide end-to-end UAV systems, manned aircraft pods/mounts and both manned and unmanned flight services in order to get you airborne. All InstiMaps payloads, whether operated as part of a real-time system or flown in post-process mode comes standard with all the necessary software. Included software allows the operator to control critical camera functions during flight, review the imagery while it is being collected, process imagery into data products in industry standard formats and download the imagery during or after flight operations.


Our streamlined data processing workflow starts the instant the image is captured and is designed to get an actionable data products into your hands in near real-time. We offer a variety of unique communications systems designed to deliver data off the aircraft and on to the InstiMaps Cloud Service in near real-time. If your application does not require a near real-time component you can upload your data to the instiMaps Cloud post flight or simply ingest the Open Geospatial Consortium compliant data into your photogrammetry or GIS suite. We also offer complete virtual services for the production of value added data products.

Identify & Evaluate

From the InstiMaps Cloud your geolocated imagery, value added data products and alerts are accessible to your team for exploitation. The InstiMaps Web Mapping App allows for review of near real-time imagery, all past collects, historic and newly generated data points. Heat maps, IR data thresholds, 3D point clouds and other data products are simultaneously accessible through the InstiMaps Web Mapping App. InstiMaps Player is based on our patented technology and was developed for the detailed comparsion of two geolocated data sets. Compare your current collect to any historic data set in both VIS and calibrated LWIR (additional bands available).


The InstiMaps Web Mapping App gives all users connected with a browser enabled device to the InstiMaps Cloud the ability to mark threats, points of interest and to send Geo-Alerts. Everyone from the management team to the field technicians have an up to-date common operating picture and increased level of situational awareness for coherent response.


The InstiMaps System provides a clear picture of what's happening on the ground in remote locations and the data necessary to make timely and effective decisions. Whether it's clearing your pipeline ROW of unauthorized machinery or evaluating the impact of natural disasters, AATI can provide a solution that fits your needs.