Launch your project with American Aerospace flight services.

Flight Services with Drones, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Manned Aircraft

Flight Services

Stay focused on your project goals. Use our airspace expertise, qualified crews and proven flight systems to accelerate results.

Leverage our extensive access to airspace and growing fleet of operational drones, UAS and network of manned aircraft. We offer a large portfolio of payloads or can rapidly integrate your sensors, making it possible to efficiently acquire the data needed to achieve your objectives.

  • Sensor test and development
  • Pilot projects
  • Concept of operations development
  • Training
  • Patrol, mapping and survey
  • InstiMaps flight services
  • Disaster Response

Engineering, Operations Development and Special Projects

Our experienced mission planners, engineers, software developers, flight crews and GIS professionals are available to support your project.

Sample Operations Map

Airspace, communications & operations development services

Stay focused on your business, let our team navigate the complex regulatory and risk management environment associated with flight operations. We will develop your CONOP into an operational reality.

Sample Sensor

Sensor Integration

Our engineers understand how to properly integrate complicated sensor, communication and avionics packages into UAV systems and manned aircraft. We provide solutions that put your sensors to work.

Customizable Aircraft

Pilot Projects

Leverage our growing fleet of operational, deployable UAV systems, manned aircraft and experienced crews. We can respond to special needs or help launch your project for a fraction of the cost it will take you to design, test and deploy your own system.