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Flight Services

Unmanned Aircraft

Unmanned Aircraft

Leverage our extensive access to FAA approved airspace which permits use of larger UAS (>55lbs) when small drones don’t meet your needs. Use our UAS for flight testing of your payloads or work with us to get your UAS approved for flight operations. If a large UAS is more than you need we also offer a growing fleet of small drones operating under Part 107.

Manned Aircraft

Manned Aircraft

Sometimes it makes more sense to do initial payload testing on manned aircraft. Or maybe your payload will only be used on manned aircraft. Either way, our network of aircraft is expanding to give us the ability to flight test payloads of all complexities.

Engineering Services

Sample Operations Map

UAS Airspace Development

Stay focused on your business and let our team navigate the complex regulatory and risk management environment associated with drones. We have authored 10 FAA Certificates of Waiver or Authorization (COAs) across the country for large UAS flight operations. Let us will develop your CONOP into an operational reality.

Sample Sensor

Advanced Payload Design

Our engineers design complex sensor, communication and avionics payloads. Some are for use in UAVs, some are for use in manned aircraft, some are for use in both. We’ve partnered with industry leaders to develop and integrate the following payloads:

  • InstiMaps payload
  • Airborne LTE communications payloads
  • Multi-spectral camera systems
  • Radio relay payloads

Customizable Aircraft

Sensor Integration

We understand how to properly integrate complicated sensor, communication and avionics packages into UAVs and manned aircraft. We provide solutions that put your sensors to work. We’ve integrated and tested the following payloads for industry leaders:

  • Survey-grade mapping payload
  • Stabilized ISR payloads
  • Methane gas sensors
  • RF scanning technology
  • Precision weather instruments