Sensors, Analytics and Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Energy & Emergency Management

American Aerospace provides systems and services with advanced sensors and analytics on manned & unmanned aircraft for near real-time patrol, inspection and mapping applications in energy and emergency management.

InstiMaps – Imagery And Alerts From Almost Anywhere In Near Real-time

Flight Systems & Services Including Manned & Unmanned Aircraft

Large Area Multispectral Mapping Systems


Advanced Sensors for Infrastructure Patrol, Inspection & Mapping

Multispectral imaging systems

A wide range of interoperable sensors & analytics

AATI and its partners offer an advanced portfolio of sensors and analytics. From multispectral imaging systems to the world’s first long-range UAS survey grade mapping payload to Methane detection and more. AATI’s growing portfolio of professional-grade sensor systems address real-world industrial and emergency management requirements.



Flight Systems & Services

Flight services with manned & unmanned aircraft

Unmanned Aircraft Systems, airspace development & operations support

We’ve been flying beyond visual line of sight UAS in the National Airspace since 2010. Our structured aviation processes are backed by years of experience in airspace development across the country. Long endurance UAS provide 50 times the coverage rate of multirotor drones and much higher resolution and speed of delivery at lower cost than satellites.

Flight Systems & Services

Mobile Operations Centers


Real-time and Post-Flight Data Products

Alerts & imagery - from aircraft to end users across the enterprise in near real-time

Large scale orthomosaics, 3D point clouds & more

American Aerospace® delivers threat alerts and geo-located multispectral imagery in near real-time from pipeline & power line corridors and industrial facilities as well as wildland fires, floods and other emergencies. Post-flight data products include large-scale orthomosaics, 3D point clouds, DSMs and more. Our cloud-based infrastructure enables secure access to data products across the enterprise.

InstiMaps – Real-time Services & Data Products

Leading The Way In Civil Uas

Over 200 Long Endurance UAS flights on civilian missions across the U.S.
for Fortune 500 companies, universities and government agencies

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"What others are beginning to talk about, American Aerospace has been doing for years."

— Professor Mark Zondlo, Princeton University

"AATI has once again proven why it is a leading UAV service provider for pipeline and energy infrastructure... [and] are truly accomplishing some great feats."

— Luke Geiver, Managing Editor, UAS Magazine

"American Aerospace sensors and systems are unique. They deliver critical data across the enterprise in near real-time."

— Pipeline Industry Executive