AiRanger™ Medium Altitude, Long-Endurance Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)

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The AiRanger™ is an industry-leading fixed-wing unmanned aircraft. 

Boasting an 18.2-foot wingspan, reliable propulsion system, and payload capability (up to 75 pounds), the AiRanger has an endurance of over 15 hours (with payload).  

Powered by fuel-injected gasoline engine, the AiRanger is designed for commercialized airborne applications in austere environments at large scale. Generating <5.5 lbs CO2 per hour, the aircraft can carry multiple sensors simultaneously, including remote sensing, surveillance, particulate sensors and small cell sites for emergency communications.

Modular in design, the AiRanger is designed to be configured for a wide variety of applications utilizing cutting edge avionics aimed at safe and efficient large-scale operations in civil airspace.

  • Designed to achieve equivalent levels of safety through technology & procedural methodology

  • Multi-layered Detect-and-Avoid (DAA) Systems

  • Multiple/redundant communication options

  • Compatible with multiple payloads

  • Advanced flight planning and operations software

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Industrial Grade Type Certified Flight Systems – Coming Soon​


Length:10 ft
Wing Span:18.6 ft
Endurance:15 + hours (configuration dependent)
Service Ceiling:15,000 ft
Speed (dash/typ. cruise/min):100kts / 50-75 kts / 50
Engine Power:8.2 hp
Maximum Takeoff Weight:220 lbs
Empty Weight:145 lbs
Max. Payload Weight:75 lbs (Payload + Fuel)
Payload Bays:Fuselage and wing hard points
Launch/Recovery:Lightweight catapult / belly skid landing
Onboard Power:1,150 + watts (600 watts available for payloads)
Communications:Line of sight (LOS), Beyond-line-of sight (BLOS), Global BVLOS (SATCOM + LTE)

AiRanger™ Use Cases

Linear Infrastructure Patrol

Ports & Harbors

Upstream Oil & Gas Fields

Offshore Wind

Disaster Response