InstiMaps™ Automated Threat Detection


Near Real-Time Reporting System for Pipeline Patrol

End-to-End Pipeline Patrol threat detection and reporting

InstiMaps uses advanced airborne sensors, real-time artificial intelligence (AI) and LTE communications to detect, identify and report imminent threats from aircraft patrolling geographically distributed critical assets in near real-time. Imagery and identified threats are delivered within minutes of detection, in formats that can be seamlessly integrated into customer asset management platforms.

The InstiMaps Cloud supports company-wide operations, simultaneously publishing threats from multiple InstiMaps-equipped aircraft across the network.


InstiMaps consists of a sensor pod, antennas, a tablet computer and a self-contained payload management system that are collectively Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) compliant. The airborne sensors system includes high resolution visible (Red-Green-Blue) and Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) cameras.

InstiMaps Is Future Proof

Not only has American Aerospace developed the InstiMaps hardware/software solution for aerial pipeline patrol, we are also actively developing future-proof platforms to carry the payload. We are looking for pipeline companies to share this journey with us.

The Process​

Near Real-Time Threat Detection and Reporting

InstiMaps™ Sensors

Airborne sensors include high resolution visible and thermal infrared cameras. When flown at 2000’ AGL, the visible camera provides 4” resolution imagery of a 2,000’ wide corridor over asset centerline. The infrared camera spots and reports fires within 250’ of the corridor centerline.

InstiMaps™ Publishing

InstiMaps™ automatically publishes threat imagery and markers, then rapidly forwards them to authorized personnel across the enterpise. All imagery acquired on routine patrols is uploaded to the InstiMaps™ Cloud post-flight where data products including orthomosaics and digital elevation models of all or part of the corridor can be produced. These data products provide a historical record of threats and conditions along the entire corridor that can be of value to damage prevention and other oversight functions.

Threat Reports

Near-real time threat reports are generated by combining high resolution aerial photography, machine learning and observer input. A photograph of each threat is included as an appendix to the standard KCSI patrol form. The image includes an overlay with pipeline segment ID, pipeline shapefile ID, nearest mile marker, coordinates and threat level designated by a colored threat box or marker.

Data Delivery

InstiMaps™ delivers threat imagery, alerts and post-ight data products to any Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) complaint web mapping application including ESRI’s ArcGIS, Google Earth, or other customer specied interfaces.

Safety & Environment

Machinery Threat

· Liquid & Gas Leak Detection

· 3rd Party Activity

· Construction activity

· Severe Weather Effects

· Geotechnical Threat

· Emergency Response

· Leaks, fires, floods…


·    Improved Reports

·    Historical Records

·    HCA Analyses


·    Facilities Inspections

·    Compressor & Pumping Stations

·    Tank Inspections

·    Leak Detection

·    Inventory Tracking

·    Construction Management

·    Site Surveys

·    Vegetation Management

·    Security

·    ROW Conditions


The AiRanger™ is available as a service through AATI’s Airborne Systems Group (ASG), available for purchase, and also available to be configured with AATI’s Instimaps payload.