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American AerospaceTechnologies, Inc. was founded in 2002 by applied physicist, entrepreneur, pilot and airspace expert, David Yoel.  In 2010, AATI began delivering long endurance UAS systems and providing flight services with both manned & unmanned aircraft. Today, The AATI team is made of experienced and dedicated professionals in the fields of remote sensing, machine learning and unmanned aviation with the goal of revolutionizing the future of critical infrastructure patrol.

We built our solutions by anticipating the future challenges of our industry and building systems and products that push beyond the boundaries and are safe, efficient and reliable. Get in touch today to learn more about the American AerospaceTechnologies, Inc. story.

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AATI Family

American ASG is the original equipment manufacturer of the InstiMaps Automated Threat Detection System for critical infrastructure patrol as well as the OSCAR oil spill sensor. ASG also delivers routine patrol services utilizing the InstiMaps ATDS System.

American ISR is the original equipment manufacturer of the AiRanger medium altitude, long endurance UAS. We build end-to-end systems and lead certification and waiver programs, leading the way in civil/commercial BVLOS UAS.

FSG provides flight services across the continent with conventional aircraft, long endurance unmanned aircraft and small electric drones.

David Yoel
Founder and CEO
Bob Lee
Tony Dirks
VP of Strategy & Business Development