An AiRanger Ground Crew Chief is responsible for the aircraft maintenance, aircraft safety, personnel safety, launcher maintenance and safety, and the logistical aspects for the flight ops. They should have basic knowledge of the operation of engines, aerodynamics and electronics to complete inspections and maintenance when it arises as they will be the main personnel to be signing off on the aircraft stating it is safe for flight. They need to be able to drive a 1-ton truck with a large trailer safely and efficiently to ensure all equipment can arrive safely and in a timely manner.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

– This position may plan, assign, or supervise the work of others. This position may also function as an assistant to the section manager or as a team leader

– As Grounds Crew Chief you are responsible for following safety procedures to ensure the safety of the crew, bystanders, and equipment.

– If grounds crew support personnel are available you are required to double check their work and sign off saying they completed the task properly


– Check UAS before and after flight to ensure safe and proper operation

– Analyze weather forecasts to ensure safe flights

– Know the limits of the airframe and powerplant, verify mission is within those limits

– Fill out proper paperwork for pre and post flight, and maintenance actions performed

– Make sure maintenance logs and engine logs are always up to date

– Ability to analyze and solve issues with the aircraft whether its mechanical or electrical

– Train/supervise all ground crew support personnel on any work they complete on the aircraft, as Ground Crew Chief you are liable for any and all work completed

– Basic knowledge of PCC operation to complete engine runs if needed

– Ability to safely operate the aircraft on the ground following proper safety precautions

– Basic mechanical skills to perform maintenance on the engine and airframe

– Confidence and ability to operate the launcher to launch the aircraft

– Ability to travel around 50% of the year

– Set up and breakdown mission critical equipment, whether it is aircraft tents, maintenance trailer, or MOC

– Ability to work extended hours

– Communicate properly and clearly with the PIC, EP, and other grounds crew to ensure safe and smooth operations

– Preferred ability to work with carbon fiber and epoxy for composite repairs needed in the field

– Ability to maintain and keep a spares kit organized and filled

– Keep the aircraft clean inside and out

– Knowledge required to be able to swap a payload in between flights in a reasonable time

– Skill and knowledge needed to make repairs properly as well as in a timely manor to keep on schedule, do not mistake this as rushing to get it done, must always be completed in the safest and proper way

Required Skills/Abilities:

– Strong communication skills

– Robust problem-solving abilities

– Excellent electronic and mechanical skills

– Expertise in multitasking while also being capable of focusing on one problem for an extended period and not get distracted

– Keen attention to detail

– Above average ability to drive with truck and trailer over long distances

– Ability to load trailers with equipment in a safe and space efficient manor following DOT and manufacture guidelines

Education and Experience:

– Mechanical experience, aviation related required

– A&P preferred, not required

Physical Requirements:

– Must be able to lift up to 75-100lbs at times.

– Must be able to pull the 250lbs of aircraft and cart to maneuver the aircraft on the ground

Job Category: Flight Services Group
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Woodbine NJ & San Joaquin Valley CA

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