American Aerospace announces InstiMaps for Pipeline Patrol

Philadelphia, PA [March 7, 2022] American Aerospace Technologies, Inc. (AATI), leader in real-time airborne intelligence for distributed critical infrastructure, announces the next iteration of InstiMaps™, its automated threat detection and reporting system for pipeline patrol.

InstiMaps is a digital upgrade to standard aerial patrol. It uses airborne cameras and instantaneous compute to detect and rapidly relay threats to damage prevention specialists across the enterprise. As data is being collected, the system scans the imagery for indicators industry tracks, applies markers, and sends identified threat imagery to authorized personnel across the enterprise within minutes. Developed, tested,and validated with industry partners InstiMaps is plug-and-play on standard patrol aircraft.

In addition to near Real-Time (nRT) threat notifications to personnel in the office and field, complete Encroachment Reports are published immediately after each flight. Digital orthomosaic maps and other post-flight data products rapidly follow. InstiMaps data products provide a historical record of threats and conditions along the entire corridor informing damage prevention and other oversight functions.

The InstiMaps payload system is available from AATI’s Airborne Systems Group (ASG). ASG personnel standby to support routine and/or emergency operations, nationwide. Additionally, the InstiMaps system is future-proof. While the payload is designed to fly on conventional (piloted) aircraft, it is also capable of operating on unmanned aircraft such as AATI’s AiRanger™ Group 3 UAS.

“Situational awareness of distributed critical infrastructure is more vital than ever. Significant field forces are required to keep our nation’s pipelines safe. InstiMaps using artificial intelligence provides more effective, more comprehensive protection at lower cost over great expanses. Over the past decade, a partnership among AATI, industry leaders and government agencies cooperated in testing and development to enable pipeline operators to be notified of potential threats in near real time” said AATI’s CEO, David Yoel. To learn more about InstiMaps and how it can serve linear inspection needs, visit the InstiMaps webpage: About American Aerospace American Aerospace Technologies, Inc. (AATI) is a real-time, remote sensing services company focused on infrastructure patrol and emergency response. The company has been flying long-endurance unmanned aircraft in civilian applications since 2010.

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