American Aerospace & KCSI Aerial Announce Collaboration to Digitally Upgrade Aerial Pipeline Patrol

Conshohocken, PA [March 29, 2022] American Aerospace Technologies, Inc. (AATI) and KCSI Aerial Patrol, Inc. (KCSI) announce a collaboration to digitally upgrade oil & gas aerial pipeline patrol. The collaboration integrates AATI’s InstiMaps™ AI-enabled automated threat detection and reporting system with KCSI’s aircraft and patrol operations.

Incidents on gas and liquid pipelines result in significant costs and potential impacts such as fatalities, environmental damage, lost revenue, and reputational impact. InstiMaps increases threat detection rates, speeds response to incidents, and provides an auditable record of conditions along the entire pipeline right-of-way.

InstiMaps is a digital upgrade that increases the effectiveness of aerial patrol. Plug-and-play on standard patrol aircraft, it uses airborne cameras, real-time machine learning and 4G LTE to detect threats and rapidly relay notifications to damage prevention specialists across an enterprise. While data is being acquired, algorithms scan the imagery in real-time for threat indicators, marks these concerns, then sends geo-located imagery of issues to authorized personnel within minutes. Developed, tested, and validated by American Aerospace and KCSI Aerial Patrol, InstiMaps services are now available through KCSI.

n“Increasing the safety and resilience of our nation’s pipeline infrastructure is more important than ever. Significant field personnel are deployed to keep our nation’s 500,000 miles of pipelines safe. InstiMaps forwards imagery of imminent issues that are of immediate concern, providing actionable data rapidly. InstiMaps delivers more effective, more comprehensive protection at lower cost over greater distances. We are excited with the opportunity to work with an outstanding company like KCSI to take this product into routine operations across the country.” said AATI’s CEO, David Yoel. Shane Ellis, KCSI Director of Operations says “The addition of InstiMaps enhances the value of our pipeline patrols by providing our customers with a visual record of the patrol and orthomosaic maps that document current conditions while allowing for change detection along the right-of-way. KCSI’s collaboration with AATI is a visible demonstration of our commitment to provide our customers with industry leading patrol services and technology.” About American Aerospace Technologies, Inc. Founded in 2002, AATI is a leader in airborne sensing and surveillance services for oil & gas and other critical infrastructure operators. We deliver services with conventional aircraft, drones and medium altitude, long endurance unmanned aircraft. About KCSI Aerial Patrol, Inc. A provider of safe, reliable, and efficient aerial pipeline patrol services since 2004, KCSI operates thirty aircraft throughout the United States. KCSI meets the stringent aviation standards of the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers and major oil and gas customers. KCSI effectively integrates with pipeline damage prevention programs to direct resources to address active pipeline threats – preventing incidents and protecting customer reputations. For more information contact, please contact: or


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